Pagan Seer EP

by Merlin's Apocrypha

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released December 8, 2016



all rights reserved


Merlin's Apocrypha London, UK

Burning with the Wyrd Spirit of Albion, the strength of the Barley Men of Rome and the ferocity of the Celts...

Merlin's Apocrypha create glorious British metal soundtracks to iconic tales of fantasy and legend.

Poet, Bard and Soothsayer James Violent and Lord of Elements Ricktus Spry reclaim Metal from the hands of gutless delinquents and feeble minded milk-drinkers.

~Join us ~
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Track Name: Dark Sun
Act 1- The Rise of Lohigarme

I see the sun is rising high
I see the colours in the sky
Soaring eagle pass me by
It's the time of year
* * *
It all began so long ago
Summer breeze begins to blow
Magic herbs begin to grow
Summer time is here!
* * *
Elven maidens dance at the feast
Wolf and man are living in peace
A shadow can be seen in the lands of the east
The sorceress is here!
* * *
Do you think I'd even be here
If I didn't want to see her
Do you think I'd rather stay at home?
* * *
You you think that I'd despair?
When I saw her golden hair...
Do you think I'd rather be alone?
* * *
Fulfil your destiny...

Act 2 - Lohigarme's Reign

Where once there were rivers
Now Nothing but sand
Ancient curse has befallen this land
Armies of the dead are at his command
The dracolich is here!
* * *
Where once there was life now rivers of bones
Spectral kings sit on ancient thrones
Black robed wizards pour over their tomes
The Dark Sun is here

Act 3 - The Rise of a King

Then it is decided,
I know what I must do,
Think about my future,
Whether skies be grey or blue.
* * *
Rise up above my demons,
And look into their eyes,
They crown me as their leader,
With a halo made of flies.
* * *
Thorns in my head,
Fire in my eyes,
Red roses open in my palms,
And blood drips from my side.
* *
I look upon myself and see,
A creature running wild,
The dragon's bastard child!
* * *
This gauntlet of hate crushing all below
Wheels of certain destiny are keeping me in tow
Mathematics of the future makes students of us all
Time our learned teacher and the world our lecture hall
* * *
Men are crushed beneath as the fist comes crashing down
Those who wish for mercy must kneel before my crown
I come for YOU Lohigarme! I swear to bring you down
Track Name: The Warrior's Song
By Asteroth! I summon thee...
By Baal! I summon thee...
By Baphomet! I summon thee...
Come forth... AND DESTROY!
* * *
No! You can't tell me that it's alright - I see them flying in the sky!
Cutting through the night... like a razor in my eye
I know I have to fight
I know I have to try...
...and so be it if I die.
* * *
So be it if I die.
* * *
So where is your god?
On whom you depend...
How many like us... Will he not defend?
How many children will he let die?
Before he returns from his castle... the sky.
Track Name: The Wizard's Song
My student, why are you here?
There is nothing more I can teach you...
Perhaps there is something I may teach you... my master!
My teacher, I hope your spirit may forgive what I am about to carry out in your name...
* * *
Can't you see there's magic in the night
I feel it coming from on high!
I read it all around me like a prayer book in the sky.
I know I have to cheat
I know I have to lie
Til the day of my defeat or until the day I die
Until the day I die.
* * *
My eyes are burning embers
My aura is death
You can taste the poison
On my tainted breath!
* * *
To every kingdom I have travelled
Every sea I've sailed upon
From every tongue I've heard a whisper
Pronouncing ME the Devil's son!
* * *
I AM the Devil's son!
Track Name: The Priest's Song
"Priest of nature... Pagan seer,
What sayest thou as the world around thee burns?
[Unholy motorbike engine revs]
Yes! Yes! Yes!
You always did say the sweetest things"
* * *
Can you feel the night grow colder?
As you look over your shoulder...
All those faces that you left for dead are starring back at you...
You close your eyes and fall to your knees
You pray you don't get your own wretched disease
You turn to the world and say "I'm sorry!"
But no one's gonna care for you.. don't wanna stand even though you're accused
You don't wanna win but you got nothing to lose
You don't wanna take
You don't wanna steal
You don't wanna touch and you don't wanna steal
* * *
I want a refund
I don't wanna pay
I don't wanna go even though I cant stay
I don't wanna steal
I don't wanna take
I don't wanna sleep but I can't stay awake
* * *
The dragon paced round in his circular cell,
Three times he stumbled before he fell,
The end had arrived - not a moment to soon,
What use is a dragon trapped inside the moon?
* * *
A thousand long years soon came and went by,
Ten lifetimes had gone in the blink of an eye,
Beards grew long and their wearer's grew old,
The bones of a dragon grew dusty and cold.
* * *
Then, a child was born on a cloud in the sky,
A seed of destruction from ages gone by,
An ethical cleansing; a vitriol storm,
What the heavens sent down was a dragon reborn.
* * *
Both princes and paupers felt fiery breath,
All men are equal in lingering death,
Raised to the ground were the castles and caverns,
Tumbling down came the towers and taverns.
* * *
But those few brave men who weathered the storm,
Would live to be rulers of kingdoms reborn,
Peace had arrived not a moment to soon,
And the dragon once more was returned to the moon.
* * *
The engine is hot and the night is cool
You are the priestess and I am the fool
Ride with me tonight.
Grab your cigarettes and away we go
Pack a bag cus your never going home...
Rider with me tonight.
I am the preacher tonight.